The Flywheel: A New Digital Marketing Model


  • Kiran Vazirani CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  • Sunanda Vincent Jaiwant CHRIST (Deemed to be University)



Digital Marketing, Flywheel, Marketing Funnel, Marketing Strategies, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Delight, Attract, Engage


The flywheel model has gained popularity in marketing as an alternative to the conventional sales funnel paradigm. The flywheel model emphasises the value of client happiness, engagement, and loyalty through a customer-centric strategy to marketing, sales, and customer support. Customers are seen as the primary driver of growth, and marketing, sales, and support teams collaborate to keep the flywheel turning. Flywheel, offers new ways to engage and re-engage existing leads and customers to enhance the brand value of any product. The flywheel marketing approach emphasises the notion that client connections are ongoing and that a happy client may be a strong driver of company expansion. It nudges companies to prioritise long-term success over only short-term revenue. Organisations may establish a self-sustaining cycle of growth by offering excellent experiences at every level of the customer journey. The paper also includes the inter-connection of Digital marketing strategies with the new model which offers the new tactics for engaging the existing and new customers at every step of their journey with the brand or the firm. With the empirical understanding of the previous researches, the paper will conclude with how digital marketing strategies can be aligned with a firm’s marketing plan, which will act as a momentum for marketer’s efforts. 


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