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Mapana - Journal of Sciences

Mapana, Christ University Journal of Sciences, is an instrument to generate greater interest, deeper insight and quest in the minds of students, teachers and researchers in the field of science. It provides space for an indepth analysis of issues, comments and concerns on scientific problems and events, research papers and articles of primary and secondary nature which would enable us to have a share in creating a more harmonious world.



QR code

Every article of Mapana has been assigned Quick Response (QR) code. The QR code is embedded with all the key details of the respective articles. You can scan QR Code using your smartphone and save the important information of the article.  
Posted: 2013-02-24

Mapana article comes with DOI

We have been continually striving to meet the global standards for journal publication. Accordingly, beginning with January-March 2013 issue articles published in the Journal are assigned the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers provided by CrossRef.  
Posted: 2013-02-24

Mapana turns 10 !

Mapana Journal of Sciences started  in 2002 as a research journal of the erstwhile Christ College is turning 10 in 2012.  
Posted: 2011-12-03 More...
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