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Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies (ATJS) has now entered its eighth year of publication. ATJS has continued to make progress in terms of publishing peer-reviewed articles and has attracted an ever increasing national audience of authors, research investigators, and scholars, as indicated by the increasing number of submissions and published papers.  The scholarly contributions featured in the current issue range across such areas as Ayurvedic education in Kerala, sustainable hospitality management, Karnataka tourism satellite accounts, eco tourism, sustainability issues and pilgrimage tourism. Anila Thomas in her article "A Study on the Role and Contribution of Women for the Development of Ayurvedic Education in Kerala" highlights the perspective of contributions made towards national integration and the social transformation on economic lives as an important aspect of tourism. "Sustainable Hospitality Management and Dimensions of Environmental Regulations: A Qualitative Study on the Puducherry Perspective" by Anu Chandran and Sherry Abraham explains the accelerated growth of international and domestic tourists to Puducherry. They suggest that the growth can be sustained only if the hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality outlets operate by showing profound consideration towards the environment.




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