Heritage Walks as a Tool for Promoting Sustainable Historical Tourism


  • Joby Thomas Department of Tourism Studies, Christ University, Bangalore




Historical sites have always been popular attractions for both domestic and international tourists. Most of the tourists who visit the countries other than their own are often interested in the historical importance of the place. The cultural heritage of an area is expressed in its historical resources. Many tourist destinations are devoted to history. The preservation of history, the quality and management of museums are of most importance for successful tourism. Heritage monuments are important tourist attraction in cultural tourism. Heritage sites are products or, perhaps, constructions of history; they owe distinctiveness to the past. That distinctiveness remains recognizable but is often presented in new ways. The Cultural expressions of these monuments constitute potential learning and recreation resources. These resources, coupled with heritage, contribute to the richness of any landscape, which can attract innumerable tourists looking for the "cultural experience Cultural tourism is perhaps the fastest growing sector of the industry today and thus its potential is yet to be fully tapped. This article looks at the new and upcoming area of heritage walks as a component of sustainable urban cultural tourism. It highlights the growing area of heritage tourism and its relevance in context of India. It also explains the concept of heritage walks and its various versions in different cities of the world. Historical resources when presented properly will not only educate tourists but also the local community and helps in conserving it for future generations. They will help the younger generations to appreciate the past and also encourage the study of history. It also shows how walks could be used as field trips to educate students about the subject. The study included opinions from students of different disciplines, history teachers and corporate in order to gauge their potential interest in heritage walks. The findings suggest that heritage walks can be harnessed to give a different perspective of history to the discerning traveler and the local community while giving a boost to sustainable tourism practices in the area.

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Joby Thomas, Department of Tourism Studies, Christ University, Bangalore

Department of Tourism Studies, Christ University, Bangalore




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Thomas, J. (2010). Heritage Walks as a Tool for Promoting Sustainable Historical Tourism. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 5(1), 40-51. https://doi.org/10.12727/ajts.5.4

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