• Joby Thomas




Atna-Journal  of  Tourism Studies (AJTS) now  in  the ninth year  of publication has become a major platform for the publication of high quality  articles  on  research  and  learning  in  tourism.  AJTS has continued to make serious efforts to understand the varied aspects and  issues  related  to  the  study  of  tourism.  Scholars  have strengthened this  publication  through  high  quality  articles.  The efforts of reviewers have helped to enhnce the quality of the articles submitted for publication. We are very grateful to all the authors and reviewers for helping AJTS to become known to the travel and tourism community in our country. The articles in the current issue range across such diverse disciplines as the use of new media in travel  decisions,  Geographical  Information  System (GIS) for tourism administration, destination performance evaluation, wine tourism and a new perspective on sustainability in the hospitality sector.




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Thomas, J. (2013). Editorial. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 8(1), v-vi. https://doi.org/10.12727/ajts.9.0

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